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new life after March

My life will become so much nicer after March...can't wait. Fresh air, blue skies, better looking people and my smelly od care bear

End of an era

I have been finding lots of of spare change in the public recently, from vending machines and in supermarkets! Where else? Hey I am not homeless. Maybe this is the advent of change. Now going to research how to study art in tokyo!

7 days straight

I have been looking at my school calender a lot quite recently. I think is to do with my eager anticipation for my final day of work in Japanese public schools. This year IEC put me in Minato and Itabashi ward schools. One of my Itabashi schools is great but the other schools have the the potency to make me feel stressed....a lot of the stress is connected to the being under the constant eye of the 校長 or 副校長 , it's not like they are looming over me but I can always feel their overwhelming presence.It's so different from working in a western office or environment. Anyway, eversince I have been cycling more and been preoccupied with my Berlitz job, I don't find myself jumping off a cliff from mental or physical fatigue! In fact, eventhough I might get bouts of feeling really exhausted, I do feel so terribly positive! I think I have stopped bitching about stuff and just thought more about what I can do next year, I have lots of plans and hopefully, I can enjoy the rest of my time in Japan.


just sent heaps of job applications and now i have to get ready for the interview slaughter!!

yokohama life part 0.5

yo so now hangning in yokohama, really yonks far from the damn eki and so it is tortuous to walk all the way to the tracks but it is survivable. well, i live with all japanese people and so my english is limited to my internal dialogue, anyway, still bumming around for a bit but this lazy thing has to stop today it is becoming more of legal issue for me. anyway, can`t wait for everything to fall into place eventually and in the long run i am going to look for a swell place to chill by myself so i can walk around naked int he house, it is hard living with an ever increasing amount of strangers. anyway, i am dying for the toilet now

3 more days

i have successfully completed my tesol certificate and i woudln't want to go thru that ordeal again. the work load was immense and i spent sleepless nights slaving over lessons plans and churning out assignments. anyway, i meet a whole bunch of cool people and they were so goal driven. i will go back to japan soon, one reason is to see my lovely boyfriend and then to get a job. i don't really want to leave brisbane, this place is so nice but i guess i have no choice. anyway, i gotta watch some tv, i won't get that chance later

raining for the 1st time here

in brisbane now, weather is really pleasant, i really lie coming back here but i know it's only for a short time. so in the meantime i stocked up on heaps of junkfood that i can't get in japan, i wonder if andrew neeeds sweet aqnd sour sauce, hehehe. also i really miss my boyfriend and friends, i am glad it's going to be one month. i think if i had opted for 2 years, life would have made a sudden change. i hope my english grammar improves after i finish this course!

feeling tired

lousy weather today and my sinuses are getting worse, i can't wait to get to australia and it's affirmative that i will be able to get into this course!!but still i'm stressing over millions of things, like moving when i get here and so forth, man it's a pain to move with a whole heap of crap i have accumulated over 2.5years here. i remember the time when i came here with only one stupid suitcase now i'm happy to give things away for free. come to think of it, japan has conditoned me to throw stuff away purely to get more space. i might do the same once i get back home to brisbane. i am going to dump half the contents of my room, good plan!
now sittin in a manga interenet cafe with minato shuji san and drinkin shitty drinks